Paul Compton

Paul Compton

Global Head of the Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB)

President of Barclays Bank PLC (BBPLC)

Paul Compton is Global Head of the Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB), and President of Barclays Bank PLC, and a member of the Group Executive Committee of Barclays, based in New York.  He leads Barclays’ Investment Banking, Global Markets, Research, and Corporate Banking businesses and is delivering Barclays’ successful CIB growth plan.

Prior to his most recent appointment in November 2021, Paul was Global Head of Investment Banking, and Co-President of Barclays Bank PLC.

Prior to his appointment as Global Head of Investment Banking and Co-President of BBPLC in October 2020, Paul served as President of BBPLC, and previously as Barclays Group Chief Operating Officer, and as Chief Executive Officer of Barclays Execution Services (BX), delivering operations and technology services to Barclays businesses globally.

Before joining Barclays in 2016, Paul served for nearly two decades in a variety of senior roles at JPMorgan Chase, including Group Chief Administrative Officer, and Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer of the Investment Bank.

Previous to JPMorgan, Paul spent 10 years as Principal at Ernst & Young in the Brisbane, Australia and New York offices.

Paul holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Queensland, Australia. He received post-graduate degrees from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and the Securities Institute of Australia.