Green bonds

Green & Social Bonds

At Barclays, we want to ensure that our customers and clients have access to financing that places green and social principles at its core and are committed to put our beliefs into practice with our Green and Social Notes Framework

The drive to net zero will be one of the defining issues of our lifetime, with implications for each one of our customers and clients.

C.S. Venkatakrishnan, Barclays Group Chief Executive Officer

We believe that we can, and should, make a positive difference for society, globally and locally. We do that through the choices we make about how we run our business, and through the commitments we make to support our communities. We prize sustainability, and recognise our role to play in leaving things better than we found them. We cannot be successful in the long term without recognising that we are at our best when our clients, customers, communities, and colleagues all progress

External ESG Ratings

Agency Rating Type Scale (best to worst) Barclays' 2021 Rating
Sustainalytics Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating 0-100 25.1 (medium risk)

Full external ESG ratings and benchmarks can be viewed here.


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