Building a more inclusive culture for people with disabilities

02 December 2016

Barclays is marking the UN’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities (Saturday 3 December) by building on its award-winning ‘This is Me’ campaign. The aim of the UN’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities is to build a more equitable world for people with disabilities and is closely aligned to Barclays’ ambition to become the most accessible and inclusive bank for clients, customers and colleagues.

This is Me

Since 2013, Barclays has been working to raise awareness of mental health in the workplace through its campaign ‘This is Me’. The campaign originally focused on breaking cultural silences and the hesitancy to speak out about mental health challenges by sharing authentic stories from colleagues about their personal experiences of disability. The campaign has grown year on year and by 2016 nearly 200 colleagues with a wide range of disabilities and conditions have told their stories.

Meet some of our colleagues who have shared their stories.

I feel exceedingly proud of the work we’ve done with this campaign so far, but our work is not done until every single person in our organisation feels comfortable bringing their whole self to work. Or until every single customer feels that Barclays is the most accessible bank.

Ashok Vaswani

CEO of Barclays UK and Executive Sponsor of the Disability Agenda

In May 2016, in partnership with the Lord Mayor’s Appeal, This is Me in the City was launched in the City of London aiming to drive greater awareness and understanding on how best to provide support for mental health and wellness in the workplace. To date 75 companies have signed up and joined the initiative.

Barclays believes that by enabling colleagues to share their stories about their own experience of living with a disability or caring for someone with a disability, and providing a wide range of support, we can build a workplace that is disability confident.

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