Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

To strengthen our diverse, equitable and inclusive culture that enables our colleagues, customers, clients and communities to grow.

At Barclays, we’re committed to continuing to build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. We believe that when we make our organisation inclusive and equitable, we can make the most of the different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences of our colleagues and better serve our customers and clients. 

Barclays Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report 2022

Being able to succeed and progress your career at Barclays starts with feeling included. We’re committed to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace where we can make the most of the different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences of our colleagues and better serve our customers and clients. Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) report is structured according to our five DEI strategic priorities, covering our six DEI agendas and provides an overview of Barclays approach to building a more inclusive organisation.

Our Vision

Our DEI vision is to strengthen our diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture, ultimately attracting and retaining the best talent, building high-performing teams which generate better outcomes for our customers and clients, while also meeting the expectations of our regulators, shareholders, and other stakeholders. 

How We’re Executing

Through driving transparency, accountability and engagement we accelerate change in shaping behaviours that enhance our equitable and inclusive culture. We do this through strengthening our data.

What We’re Focused On

Actions shaping culture and processes make progress against our five key strategic priorities through the lens of our six core agendas.

What Drives and Impacts Change

Change is both driven by and impacts our leaders, managers, colleagues, clients and customers, suppliers, external partners, community and regulators.

Regular feedback from stakeholders helps us continue to adapt our focus.

What We’re Delivering

A sustainable model of DEI where diversity is embedded in all aspects of the colleague, client and customer experience.

We aim to be transparent about the actions we are taking to achieve this vision, hold ourselves to account, and engage with leaders, colleagues and a range of stakeholders inside and outside the organisation. This will build understanding of diverse experiences and perspectives, and create a more inclusive environment.

Our Priorities 

To help us on our journey to achieving our DEI vision, we’re taking action in five strategic priority areas across six core agendas. These strategic priority areas - Workforce Diversity, Inclusive and Equitable Culture, Leadership Accountability, Data Transparency and Accountability, and Optimisation of External Relationships - are underpinned by our guiding principles of accountability, transparency, and engagement. 

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Our six focus areas

We focus on six core agendas: disability, gender, LGBT+, multicultural, multigenerational and socio-economic inclusion. Senior leaders champion these and they are embedded into the organisation through employee resource groups, organised by our people and funded by Barclays.  

Three women speaking through sign language


Our goal is to create an accessible and inclusive business where people of all abilities will want to bank or work.

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We are focused on engaging women and men across the organisation to attract, develop and retain women at all levels.

LGBT+ at Barclays


We support customers, clients and colleagues across the broad spectrum of diversity of sexuality and gender identity.


Inclusive of race, ethnicity, nationality and faith, Barclays is cultivating a supportive environment where colleagues feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work.

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We recognise that diverse groups have diverse needs, values, priorities and perspectives.

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Socio-economic inclusion

We recognise that we must look at the disadvantage faced by individuals from lower socio-economic backgrounds and play a positive role in increasing social mobility through our recruitment, development and progression activities.

Pay Gaps Disclosures 

2023 marked the seventh year for which we have reported our gender pay gaps, and the sixth year we have reported our ethnicity pay gaps, in the UK. Details can be found in the UK Pay Gaps 2023 (PDF 2MB) disclosure.

In December 2023, we published gender pay gaps for Barclays Ireland for the second time. Details can be found in the Ireland Pay Gaps 2023 (PDF 1.8MB) and Ireland Pay Gaps 2022 (PDF 3.7MB) disclosures. 

Since 2018, we have also been publishing the French Gender Equality Index (GEI). Details can be found in the France GEI 2023 (PDF 150KB) disclosure.

Work life

We create an inclusive, future-focused learning culture that celebrates diversity, recognises unique, individual contributions and supports the development and progression of all colleagues.

We provide tools, programmes and support that enable colleagues to balance their work‑life with their personal commitments. We sponsor and participate in community programmes and partnerships aimed at supporting diverse groups and hiring talent from under-represented communities.

Activities and initiatives

We build a strong intersectional community through various activities and initiatives. We also celebrate the rich dimensions of diversity of our colleagues through our DEI days of observation and key calendar dates such as: Black History Month UK and US, International Women’s Day, Ramadan, Eid, Pride, World Cultural Day, Juneteenth, Diwali, Hispanic Heritage Month, Rosh Hashanah, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Chanukah and International Day of Persons with Disabilities and more led by our employee resource groups.

Employee Resource Groups

Our global employee resource groups (ERGs) play a critical role in achieving Barclays' ambitions for diversity, equity and inclusion. They provide valuable support and advice, create development opportunities, and raise awareness of issues, challenges and initiatives. 

This is me

Initiated by Barclays in 2014, we have evolved our colleague storytelling initiative, This is me, to span all of our 12 Employee Resource Groups and six DEI agendas: Gender, Multicultural, Socio-economic, Disability, LGBT+ and Multigenerational. We've developed a micro-documentary series where we follow the lives of 18 colleagues, hearing their personal This is me stories and the impact being part of an ERG has had on their life at Barclays.

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We are pleased to have been recognised for some of our efforts to foster a more diverse and inclusive culture at Barclays.

  • The Times Top 50 Employers for Women
  • We are the City Rising Star Awards – 6 Barclays colleagues recognised - UK
  • Disability IN – Disability quality Index – 100%- US
  • Business Disability Forum – Gold standard – 98%
  • Disability Confident Leader - UK
  • Stonewall UK Top 30 employer
  • Corporate Equality Index: achieving a score of 100 and earning the designation as a “Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality
  • Barclays colleagues recognised in the most recent British LGBT+ Awards and the OUTstanding LGBT+ Future Leaders Role Model List 2020
  • 2020 BITC Race at Work Employer
  • Working Mother Media and AVTAR Group 100 Best Companies for Women in India (Top 10)
  • 100 Best Companies in US - Seramount
  • Best Companies for Dads - US - Seramount

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