Tristan Orlofski, Erin McGrady and Nellie Foo.


Cultivating talent at our world-class campuses

22 November 2019

Barclays is dedicated to developing workspaces that foster collaboration and cultivate talent. We bring together three colleagues from different areas of the business to discuss how working at the “open” and “empowering” campus has enabled them to grow their careers.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have gone down three separate career paths during my time at Barclays.”

Nellie Foo started her career in Barclays 21 years ago as an Analyst in Post-Trade Operations, working her way up to Director. “But my career didn’t stop there,” she says. Nellie subsequently held two other large roles within the organisation – first as Director in Risk and Control in the Americas, then as Director in Tax Operations, her current role.

“At Barclays, you always receive recognition for the things you deliver. That’s what motivated me to take on my third role as Director. Our culture at the campus in Whippany, New Jersey, encourages colleagues to be open about their aspirations.”

Nellie Foo, Barclays

Nellie Foo, Director, Barclays Capital

It’s this open culture that also motivated Erin McGrady, whose previous remit was in Futures Operations, to make the move to Functions Compliance in an advisory role.

“Sometimes all it takes is a simple conversation,” says Erin. “I’m the type of person who likes to keep learning. Fortunately, that way of thinking is really promoted at Barclays. Throughout my entire career here, the business has always supported my desire to explore new opportunities and move internally.”

Erin had an informal chat with someone she knew in Compliance about moving internally. So when Compliance next had a role available, they let her know immediately.

“The campus makes it so easy to network and build relationships with people working in different areas. We’re actively encouraged to explore what other roles and learning opportunities are available to us. It’s this ethos that led me to a role that is totally different to anything I’ve done before, and it’s definitely going to help me advance my career.”

Erin McGrady, Barclays

Erin McGrady, Functions Compliance Advisory, Barclays Investment Bank

An open and collaborative culture

Tristan Orlofski is a Full Stack Engineer in the Fraud division. A recent graduate, he was drawn to the campus’ open and collaborative culture.

“This sort of environment is particularly important if you work in tech,” he explains. “What we do is never a one-person-job. It’s almost impossible to write a complex computer program by yourself, so the collaborative atmosphere definitely helps.”

Barclays’ revolutionary Whippany campus has been designed with open floors and desks, making it easy for colleagues to work collectively, and for people across different teams to come together and problem solve. This allows colleagues to learn from each other and also leads to the formation of more relaxed working relationships.

“Everyone is super willing to offer their support and teach me the skills I need to excel in my career. I’ve had so many good teachers since I’ve started.

“If I ever need help with anything, literally all I have to do is stand up and scan the floor to find someone who can answer my question. I can then just pick up my laptop and walk over to them, and we end up solving the problem together.”

Nellie agrees, pointing out that “the campus is doing what it was built to do: bringing people together, and empowering them to thrive.”

Tristan Orlofski, Barclays

Tristan Orlofski, Full Stack Engineer, Barclays

Making the most of your career

“The Whippany campus just has a totally different vibe,” says Erin. “Typically in large organisations, it’s quite easy to fall into silos, but everyone here is so open to connecting. And all the campus events definitely help as well, because you get to network with people from across the business.

“And there’s a great work-life balance. The bank champions dynamic working – a lot of companies don’t offer that!”

“Totally,” says Nellie, who balances a high level career with her family life. “I can go home and have dinner with my eight-year-old son, and then catch-up on work after he’s gone to sleep. It helps that Barclays has a Working Families Network that offers advice on how to keep the balance between work and family.”

All three colleagues agree that the Whippany campus has a “wow-factor.”

“And I brag about it sometimes,” Nellie admits. “Whenever I hang out with my friends and they complain about work, I never have anything bad to say!”

“It’s so clear that colleagues were at the centre of the entire design process,” adds Tristan. “Every little thing has been thought of.

“Not only do you have these open collaborative workspaces, but it’s also really cosy – it doesn’t feel like your typical office; it’s almost like an office-home hybrid. The campus definitely encourages colleagues to make the most of their careers.”