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Barclays Q1 Results 2024

Our Q1 Results 2024 were published on 25 April. 

Barclays extends partnership with British Gas to offer half price home energy efficiency checks

Barclays has announced it has extended its partnership with British Gas, helping customers explore ways they could make their homes more energy efficient.

Providing financial services to the defence sector

Barclays finances several UK, US and European defence companies. We explain why.


It’s a 'Love Story': Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour to provide nearly £1bn boost to UK economy

The new figures come after Barclays Consumer Spend data revealed a surge in consumer spending during the pre-release window for the Eras Tour last July.

Five forces reshaping fixed income markets

Fixed income markets are being reshaped by forces on multiple fronts. Our Research analysts explore the drivers of change, from technology to regulation, and how global markets are highly susceptible to yield fluctuations in US Treasuries.

Spending on restaurants and retail slows in April but consumer confidence in household finances reaches 28-month high

Consumer card spending slowed to 1.6 per cent growth in April, down from 1.9 per cent in both March and February, and below the latest CPIH inflation rate.

Q2 2024 Global Outlook: US resilience leads the way

Our Research analysts expect the US to dominate the macro story for the rest of 2024, leading the world to a soft landing where inflation comes down without major growth setbacks.

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