Kathleen West, Barclays Apprentice Developer


“Choosing Barclays was a no-brainer"

18 May 2021

As Barclays continues to invest in workplaces that foster new talent, we speak to three colleagues about their experiences pursuing early careers at the bank’s campuses across the UK.

A unique campus experience

Josh Hampson hasn’t always worked in finance – but it was Barclays’ recruitment ethos that ultimately led him to the bank.

“I was previously an auditor in the apparel industry – completely different, I know!” he says. “But what stood out to me about Barclays was how it seeks out the unique backgrounds and experiences of its apprentices and graduates. The culture here is phenomenal. I’m so proud of what I’ve been able to achieve.”

As a Technology Apprentice at the Barclays Technology Campus in Radbroke, Cheshire – one of the largest centres for information security in the UK – Josh has been struck by the supportive atmosphere at the campus.

“No question is too small, too big or too silly,” he explains. “Your environment really influences your personal development, and I can definitely feel that at the campus. Even when I’ve been working from home, it really shines through virtually.”

Your environment really influences your personal development, and I can definitely feel that at the campus. Even when I’ve been working from home, it really shines through virtually.

Josh Hampson

Barclays Service Operations Analyst

Josh Hampson, Barclays Service Operations Analyst.

Josh Hampson says the campus atmosphere “shines through virtually” when working from home.

Barclays’ Radbroke campus has been at the centre of the bank’s technological innovation since the 1970s – from work on some of the earliest ATMs and debit cards, to launching online and mobile banking. Barclays continues to invest in Radbroke, with further plans to refurbish and develop the site to make the most of the space’s focus on collaboration.

Josh encourages anyone considering starting their careers through Early Careers programmes at Barclays to “grab the opportunity with both hands – your perspective is truly valued.”

Building skills alongside industry experts

Kathleen West, a Barclays Apprentice Developer based in Glasgow, also recognises her personal and professional development at the bank.

“Before joining the programme, I wasn’t the most confident person,” she says. “The apprenticeship has really turned that around. As I build my career at Barclays and get involved in more projects, I’m looking forward to growing in my confidence.”

The ability to connect with Barclays experts helps foster this confidence. Kathleen says: “Every day I get to work alongside industry experts, which is invaluable as I’m able to ask them questions and further build out my knowledge and skillset.”

Kathleen West, Barclays Apprentice Developer.

Kathleen West says the new Glasgow campus is ideal for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Every day I get to work alongside industry experts.

Kathleen West

Barclays Apprentice Developer

Through the launch of its Glasgow campus, Barclays is investing in the city centre and over 3,000 colleagues like Kathleen. She believes this investment will particularly benefit “other apprentices and graduates” starting their careers.

“The new site is ideal for collaboration and knowledge sharing, and a lot of what we do in technology relies on this.”

While most of Barclays’ colleagues are currently working from home, Kathleen says Glasgow’s campus culture transcends physical workspaces. “I luckily still get to experience Barclays’ incredible culture through virtual colleague events,” she says. “From virtual careers fairs to informal catch ups, there’s a real sense of community here. I’m looking forward to returning to the new Glasgow campus and experiencing it all in person.”

A collaborative culture

Amir Tanveer shares this sentiment about Barclays’ Northampton campus, where he works as an Operations Graduate.

“It’s just got the right culture,” he says. “Everyone at the Northampton campus is so incredibly supportive, and people love to connect and collaborate. This makes skill-sharing and personal development so much easier.”

Amir’s experience at Barclays Northampton has allowed him to develop skills he didn’t know he had.

Choosing Barclays was an absolute no-brainer. I knew this is where I had to be.

Amir Tanveer

Barclays Operations Graduate

Amir Tanveer, Barclays Operations Graduate.

Amir Tanveer says the supportive culture at the Northampton campus makes sharing skills easier.

“Before joining the bank, I had no experience of programming languages,” he said. “I always assumed that you needed a degree in computer science to be able to code. But after joining Barclays, I was trained up on different programming languages with the support of my incredible team and line manager.”

To Amir, this is what makes Barclays’ graduate scheme a great place to pursue an early career.  He says: “There are so many different types of roles available at Barclays. There’s honestly something for everyone. For me, choosing Barclays was an absolute no-brainer. Being one of the most cutting-edge firms in the world, I knew this is where I had to be.”