Privacy Policy

Your personal information and Barclays: The principles

Privacy laws including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have been created to regulate how businesses and other organisations collect, store, protect and use personal information entrusted to them.

Barclays has processes and procedures in place in the various jurisdictions within which it operates to ensure we meet the obligations of all applicable/relevant data privacy laws.

Barclays' responsibilities to you

Keeping your personal information safe is a priority for Barclays, and we continually invest in new technologies to protect your data and keep it safe.

1. Barclays will always respect your privacy, and we are constantly working to ensure we meet both the spirit and the word of the strict regulations around data privacy.

2. Barclays will never sell your data to third parties; we want you to be confident that the personal information you share with us is protected against misuse.

3. We will use the personal information you give us to ensure that our communication with you is useful, relevant and timely.

4. Barclays will respect your wishes when you ask for changes to how your personal information is stored and used by us.

We know how important your privacy is – we will always set the highest standard to protect your personal information

Our privacy principles

Globally, most privacy legislation contains similar obligations and we have embedded key principles in our personal information processing activities to align with them:

Lawfulness, fairness and transparency - means that Barclays will tell people how their personal information will be used and not use it in a way that is inherently ‘unfair’.

Purpose limitations – Barclays will only collect personal information for specified purposes and not use it more widely for unrelated purposes.

Data minimisation – Barclays will not collect excessive or irrelevant personal information.

Accuracy – Barclays have procedures in place to maintain the accuracy of the personal information it collects or handles, and keep it up to date.

Storage limitations – Barclays will not hold personal information for any longer than is necessary.

Integrity and confidentiality – Barclays will ensure that the use of appropriate security to protect your personal information from unauthorised access, use and loss. We have been leading the market with our Digisafe campaign which aims to alert people to the importance of managing their data and information carefully in the digital age.

This website

No personal information is collected on this Barclays website www.home.barclays. Other Barclays websites collect information about users. This will be explained in the privacy policies or notices on those sites.


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