Raising Concerns (including Whistleblowing)

The Raising Concerns process

Barclays is committed to providing a respectful and inclusive environment to work in and colleagues are encouraged to speak up about actions and behaviours that have no place in the organisation.  We encourage colleagues to raise concerns directly to their management, Compliance, HR or Legal.  However, sometimes colleagues do not feel comfortable using these avenues.  To help them, Barclays has a dedicated and impartial Raising Concerns process, through which colleagues can report their concerns in the knowledge that the reports will be taken seriously and managed sensitively and confidentially. 

When to use the Raising Concerns process

Barclays takes all concerns raised seriously and you are encouraged to raise any concern you have through usual channels.

If you are a customer or client and have a question or complaint regarding our products or services, please submit it one of these ways or by contacting your existing relationship team, should you have one.  If you are an employee or contractor you are encouraged to raise your concern directly with your line management or a contact in the HR, Compliance or Legal functions.

If either (a). you do not fall into one of the groups above; or (b). you do and you are not comfortable contacting us via the usual channels and you believe that your concern amounts to a whistleblow, then we encourage you to contact the Raising Concerns team using the contact details below.  We explain what we mean by whistleblowing below.

A concern relating purely to the product or service provided to you is unlikely to be classified as a whistleblow. This is because whistleblowing relates to concerns which fall within the wider public interest. For example, concerns about breaches of our policies and procedures and breaches of laws and regulation may be assessed as whistleblows by the Raising Concerns team. Reports of behaviour that may be harmful to Barclays and the communities we serve could also be assessed as whistleblows.

What happens to concerns raised through the Raising Concerns process

The Raising Concerns team will assess the concerns raised and refer them to the most appropriate team for review and, where appropriate, investigation.   This includes concerns assessed by the team as whistleblowing; they will be referred to the specialist and impartial whistleblowing team in group Barclays Compliance to investigate further.  In such cases, the whistleblowing team will contact you to explain the investigation process to you. 

All concerns raised to the Raising Concerns team are taken seriously. No one should experience any form of retaliation as a result of raising a concern.

Raising Concerns Team contact details

To raise a concern to the Raising Concerns team, please use the following;

Email: raising.concerns@barclays.com

Website: https://secure.ethicspoint.eu/domain/media/en/gui/36145/index.html

Please be aware the operational hours of the Raising Concerns Team are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays, any concerns raised outside of these times will be picked up by the team on the following working day.

Further information about the Raising Concerns process and whistleblowing at Barclays can be found within the Annual Report.