Annual reports

Annual Reports

Our latest and archived Annual Reports are available to view online or download.

Understanding Barclays

We are proud of our history and deep roots in the UK, while our scale, geographic reach and diversification make us a universal bank, delivering financial expertise in many different markets around the world.

Annual Report 2020

Making a difference when it matters most

Our strategy is working and we are confident Barclays is in a strong position for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

You can download a copy all of our Annual Report 2020 and supporting documents as one (.zip) or select each document individually via the links below. 

Supporting documents

Documents Description

Barclays Bank Ireland PLC Annual Report 2020 (PDF 4.3MB)

Barclays Bank UK PLC Annual Report 2020 (PDF 4.3MB)

Barclays Bank PLC Annual Report 2020 (PDF 6.1MB)

Subsidiary reports

Annual reports of the subsidiary companies of Barclays PLC

Barclays PLC ESG Report 2020 (PDF 4MB)

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Report 

An overview of our ESG strategic priorities and performance, reported against a range of quantitive and qualitive indicators. 

Barclays TCFD 2020 Report (PDF 2.3MB)

Climate-related Financial Disclosures

An enhanced report aligning to the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations in this, the fourth year of disclosure.

Barclays Fair Pay Report 2020 (PDF 6.4MB)

Fair Pay Report

An overview of our approach to pay-fairness and how we implement this in our principles and policies through the themes of our Fair Pay agenda.

Barclays Diversity and Inclusion Report 2020 (PDF 6.4MB)

Diversity and Inclusion Report

An overview of the Group's approach to building a more inclusive company, including a progress report on each of our five pillars of diversity and inclusion.

Barclays PLC Country Snapshot 2020 (PDF 1.3MB)

Country Snapshot

We are publishing this annual report for the eighth year running. It contains an overview of our tax contribution country by country as well as our broader approach to tax including our UK tax strategy.

Barclays PLC Pillar 3 Report 2020 (PDF 5.7MB)

Barclays Bank UK PLC Pillar 3 Report 2020 (PDF 4.3MB)

Barclays PLC Pillar 3 Disclosures Terms and Conditions 2020 (PDF 270KB)

Barclays Bank Ireland PLC Pillar 3 Report 2020 (PDF 4.8MB)

Barclays Bank Ireland PLC Pillar 3 Disclosures Terms and Conditions 2020 (PDF 237KB)

Pillar 3 Report

A summary of our risk profile, its interaction with the Group's risk appetite, and risk management.

Barclays PLC Form 20-F 2020 (PDF 10.4MB)

Barclays Bank PLC Form 20-F 2020 (PDF 7.8MB)

Barclays PLC Form 20-F 2020 XBRL data files (ZIP 1.6MB)

Barclays Bank PLC Form 20-F XBRL data files (ZIP 1.5MB)

20-F filings

Standardised annual report filings for non-U.S. companies with securities trading in the U.S.

Barclays 2020 Global Systemically Important Institutions Disclosure  (PDF 216KB)

Global Systemically Important Institutions Disclosure

Institutions identified as G-SIIs are required to disclose, annually, the values of the indicators used for determining the G-SII status and capital requirements.

Barclays Bank Ireland PLC Country by Country Report 2020 (PDF 222KB) Country by Country Report for Barclays Bank Ireland PLC

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