UK branch closures

Barclays Branch Closures – Reasons for Closure and Community Feedback

We’re closing some branches, but it’s not goodbye. Here are the reasons for our decisions, a summary of the feedback we’ve received and how we’ll continue to support you.

Lots of people are choosing to bank differently these days, which means not as many are using branches. Because of this, we’re changing the ways we support people in your area.

The decision to close a branch is never easy and we appreciate it might not be welcome news, but we’ll make sure you still have access to our banking services. We’ll be available to help and talk to you about managing your money at many locations across the UK. As well as branches, we have many Barclays Local sites where you can come and talk to us. You can see where to find us at barclays.co.uk/branchfinder.

You can still use the Barclays app1 and Online Banking to manage your money securely, anytime. If you have a personal or business account, you can visit any Post Office to withdraw and pay in cash, pay in cheques and check your balance2. You can also get cash withdrawals and check your balance using LINK cash machines3. Find out where at link.co.uk/consumers/locator/

You can find details about all upcoming and recent branch closures on this page, listed alphabetically by location – we’ve explained why we’re closing a branch. There’s also feedback on our decision from the local MP, councillors and those who could be affected – such as individuals, community groups, local businesses and charities.

We’ll also include this information in a booklet that’ll be available locally to each affected branch.

All branch closures will be in accordance with our regulatory obligations. These build on our long-held commitment to make sure that everyone who banks with us can carry out their everyday transactions locally, while also recognising our responsibility to the most vulnerable members of society.

Branches impacted

1. You need to be 11 or over to use the app. Terms and conditions apply.
2. For cash withdrawals, deposits and balance checks, you’ll need your debit card and PIN from us. For cheque deposits, you’ll need an envelope and pre-printed paying-in slip. Cheques can take up to five working days to reach your account with us. We charge fees for business transactions.
3. You’ll need your debit card and PIN from us to take out money from LINK cash machines. Some might charge withdrawal fees.