Inspektlabs uses Inspection-as-a-Service software to automate photo or video-based inspection of any asset using artificial intelligence.

Inspektlabs offers Inspection-as-a-Service software to automate photo- or video-based inspection of any physical asset such as cars, bikes, properties etc. using artificial intelligence. The company’s initial use-cases are in the mobility space (such as shared cars, car rentals) and motor insurance space. Inspektlabs’ technology is also applicable in the shared property space such as hotels or residential properties.

Inspektlabs is differentiated from other computer vision startups in two major ways: 1) They don’t just detect objects such as a car or dog – they can detect the state of an object such as a scratch 2) They have created a growing library of 3.5 million damaged asset images that have universal applicability.

We have already built a product with 96%+ accuracy for car inspections, raised a seed round of $600k, filed international patents for certain damage categories, signed contracts with 2 large insurance and automotive companies, and have four other pilots running globally.

  • Devesh Trivedi - CEO
  • Sanchit - CTO

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