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The London Accelerator

  • cachet

    Cachet provides a trustee data layer between gig economy platforms and financial service providers aggregating across platforms to enable businesses like insurance companies to sell better priced and personalised coverage.


    Docsumo provides intelligent workflow automation for financial services companies to save back office costs by up to 70% through document data capture, analytics and fraud detection.

    Equipment Connect

    Equipment Connect is an asset finance marketplace hosting equipment vendors and funders that offer small businesses access to lease finance, resale and lifecycle management of assets.


    Inspektlabs uses Inspection-as-a-Service software to automate photo or video-based inspection of any asset using artificial intelligence.

    Muse Corporation

    Muse Corporation is a cash flow management tool offering small business owners working capital analytics and access to invoice finance.


    Offr uses secure and transparent bidding technology for the property industry providing a swift digital experience for property transactions on a smartphone.

    Oper Credits

    Oper Credits is a Software- as-a-Service solution that helps lenders digitise mortgage processes from contact to contract.


    Pryml uses software that allows data scientists to deploy machine learning models and pipelines onto data that cannot be disclosed externally due to regulations and privacy concerns.

    The Accountancy Cloud

    The Accountancy Cloud is a challenger accountancy service offering cloud-based software to automate bookkeeping.


    Toucan is a digital service for banks to protect their financially vulnerable customers by providing tools for carers that are in line with new emerging regulations.

  • Block Aviation

    Aircraft asset management software, creating a shared information platform for the aviation ecosystem.



    A platform to draft and digitise debt financing documents


    Enterprise business email solution, aimed towards high volume and group mailboxes in financial institutions.


    Offer bidding marketplace, providing personalised card linked offers to retailers and card issuers.


    Platform enabling small businesses and freelancers to get paid on time.


    Software solution which establishes and certifies the validity of visual evidence.

    Smarter Human

    Technology which allows digital banks and FinTech firms to manage operational risk.

    Spark Change

    A financial instrument which enables easy investing in carbon.


    A gig economy financial service that turns unpredictable income into a regular pay cheque.

    Urban Fox

    Fraud detection and prevention software for enterprise scale merchants, and payment processors targeting fraudsters.

  • Ai XPRT

    Automates regulatory compliance assurance and financial audit with AI

    Cash Director

    A white label accounting robot that revolutionises SME banking and accounting


    A Blockchain based digital marketplace and invoice exchange to acclerate commerce.

    DevCon Detect

    Anti-fraud and anti-money laundering software for online advertising


    Makes options trading accessible to everyone, leaving the options matrix and capital requirements behind


    Automates remote real estate access via a mobile app


    Allows SME's to manage their trade credit exposure, insuring invoices against default


    Makes it easy to book and pay for witnessing and notary services on demand


    Provides travellers with pre-trip health and safety advice, and real-time monitoring and assistance


    Innovative financial services and products tailored to the needs of overseas students studying in the UK

The New York Accelerator

  • Hubly

    Data-driven platform that consolidates firms' software suite, allowing advisors to focus on developing a personalized service.


    Mobile platform that empowers individual solopreneurs though financial accounting and business management insights


    Marketplace that matches people to products from CFIs without any changes to existing IT infrastructure

    Revelio Labs

    Analytics Technology that allows workforce data to be structured and easily analyzed


    Swipedom provides installment credit cards for startups, with no personal guarantee, credit score or revenue required


    Centralized booking solutions that covers hotels, rail, flight, and ground transportation


    Helps millennials/Gen Z borrowers get credit cards they deserve by analyzing their alternative data sets


    All-in-one brokerage and checking account that lets you earn investment returns on your checking balance


    Digital investment advisor creating solutions that are better for the environment, our society, and our users’ financial futures.

  • Applica.ai

    Applica automates work that requires text comprehension.


    FairFrame is the first “spellchecker” for unconscious bias in the workplace.


    Fintros enables financial services companies to hire people not applying to their jobs.

    Harvest Platform

    Harvest identifies negotiable bank fees and gets refunds automatically.


    Helps couples integrate their finances and achieve their goals.

    Pluto Money

    Pluto guides Generation Z towards their financial goals in college and beyond.


    ResonanceX marketplace democratizes access to structured investments.


    SendFriend leverages the blockchain to create the remittance company of the future.


    Vector.ai supercharges logistics paperwork handling.

    Waffle Insurance

    Waffle insures you and everything you love through one fully customizable policy.

The Tel Aviv Accelerator

  • Brandable Technologies

    B2B marketplace for peripheral purchasing.

    Cashew Fintech

    C2B QR code payment solution via banks' mobile apps.


    Early automated detection of market-impacting events for financial traders.


    A FinTech platform unlocking the full credit potential of digital SME’s. 


    FinTech platform for invoice factoring and trading applications using Blockchain.


    Digital banking for cooperative credit societies.


    Leveraging loyalty to access high quality content and services.


    Technology enabled consumer lending as an employee benefit.


    Powering tax simplification for personal taxpayers in the UK.


    Protecting corporate data from any API breach.

  • Cred

    Utilises behavioural patterns, lifestyles and background of new investors to create a balanced portfolio


    The first cloud provider that does not own any server

    InFront Compliance

    Translates complex compliance requirements into plain-language chatbots to manage their internal and vendor risk


    Identifies, classifies and labels documents according to their level of importance, with AI


    Provides liquidity to a new investment class via the regulated token economy

    MADA Analytics

    Simulation software that creates economic value for renewable energy project finance and energy trading

    OKO Weather

    Provides better insurance by using rainfall/humidity and crop predictions

    SafeHouse Technologies

    Delivers proactive military grade security as a filter between the user and the internet


    Business process solutions that streamline mortgage origination with Blockchain technology


    AI advisors that engage customers to make complex financial decisions

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