Barclays Black Formation Investments

Managed by Zeal Capital Partners

Introducing BBFI

Barclays Black Formation Investments (BBFI), Managed by Zeal Capital Partners is a $50m investment vehicle dedicated to investing in pre-seed Black-led companies who are focused on narrowing the wealth and skills gaps through the development of innovative technologies, tech-enabled services, and platforms.

BBFI is targeting investments in exceptional founders leading category-defining commercial projects with the potential for outsized returns.

Launched by Barclays Principal Investments in October 2023, the fund is managed by Zeal Capital Partners, a mission-driven venture capital firm with a proven track record of investing in diverse management teams and innovative business models.

A key differentiator of BBFI is that it will also fund a venture scout programme, through which Zeal Capital Partners will identify and train the next generation of venture scouts to curate high potential, pre-seed investment opportunities. BBFI is not only deploying capital for growth and scale, but also establishing a vehicle that empowers overlooked venture capital professionals and grows the pool of next generation investors.

Meet some of our founders

GigEasy is building insurance infrastructure for the Gig Economy, enabling Gig Platforms and businesses to provide commercial insurance and benefits to their workers.

Muse is an AI platform that seamlessly integrates with financial, tax, and HR software, providing personalized tax and financial insights that drive consumer growth.

Aster reimagines care delivery for women’s health by providing full-service clinic enablement software that also helps prevent and predict common complications early on.




Venture Scout programme

Meet the team

Barclays Principal Investments Team

Kester Keating, Head of US Principal Investments 

Aran Rudrakumar, US Principal Investments

Zeal Capital Partners Team

Nasir Qadree, Founder and Managing Partner 

Stefanie Thomas, Managing Director 

Richard Odior, Investor, Pre-seed vehicle

Bianca Phillip, Analyst, Pre-seed vehicle

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