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Innovation at Barclays

Change is a constant in the world of financial technology. New technology and ideas inform and improve the way banks do business. Barclays invests in innovative technology because our clients and customers deserve a seamless and efficient banking experience. We believe testing new ideas and collaborating with the wider financial services ecosystem will help us bring new digital products and services to market, and unlock long-term growth opportunities for the benefit of our stakeholders.  

Innovating through technology

Our innovation model

With today’s cutting-edge technology, the 'art of the possible’ is limitless, empowering banks to discover and engage with more agile methods of development. At Barclays, we are:

• Automating where it makes sense to do so, to more effectively and cost-consciously support our customers and clients, and enable our people to focus on innovation.
• Futureproofing our infrastructure to create a better experience for our customers.
• Disrupting markets by exploring new and emerging technologies including AI to transform the way businesses operate and empower people to be more effective and efficient.

Underpinned and driven by the collective talent of our people – the innovators of Barclays and the collaborative experimentation offered by our world-class digital platforms, including the API Exchange – a global API platform empowering communities of businesses, developers and innovators by providing secure access to new products via APIs.

FinTech Pledge

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Find out how Barclays is helping UK financial services technology firms bring innovative solutions into the industry

Accelerating innovation through partnership and investment

We look for opportunities to collaborate with startups. We recognise that the speed and dynamism that a young business can bring, coupled with a partnership with us, will lead to outsized benefits for the market

Andy Challis

Managing Director, Principal Investments at Barclays

Barclays has a long history of supporting innovation by investing and incubating startups. Our range of programmes and initiatives support startups and scaleups to innovate, experiment and ensure they are enterprise ready. Using a partnership model means we can work rapidly to bring cutting edge ideas into the banking sector for the benefit of our customers and clients. But we don’t focus on fintech alone – we support small and scaling businesses across many sectors including sustainability technology, climate finance, gaming, lawtech and agritech, to name just a few.

Barclays Innovation ecosystem