Innovation at Barclays

You’ll find innovation in every corner of our business. From staying ahead of the curve on technology, to continually finding ways of improving processes, to collaborating with trailblazers – bringing new ideas to life is central to the way we support people, businesses, communities and the wider economy.

Find out how Barclays is powering creative thinking, spearheading change in financial services and adapting in a constantly evolving world.

Innovating through technology

From the launch of the UK’s first credit card and contactless payments to the world’s first ATM, Barclays has been transforming banking for the better for generations. One of the ways we are innovating the future of financial services is through technology. Whether it’s by using existing technologies to improve our products and services, or experimenting with emerging ones, like blockchain and quantum computing, Barclays is constantly evolving to improve the experiences of customers, clients and colleagues – and make a positive impact on society and economic growth.

Qunatum computing

Quantum computing

Find out how the bank is investigating the potential in quantum computing’s processing power

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Barclays experts demystify blockchain technology – and its potential for greater collaboration

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Smart contracts

Smart contracts

What makes a smart contract so smart? Discover how it can benefit customers and clients

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Machine learning

Machine learning and AI

What are the implications of this brave new tech for customers and clients, and what does it mean for the world of work?

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Innovating through partnerships

We look for opportunities to collaborate with startups. We recognise that the speed and dynamism that a young business can bring, coupled with a partnership with us, will lead to outsized benefits for the market

Andy Challis

Managing Director, Principal Investments at Barclays

Barclays has a longstanding tradition of partnering with fintech companies to bring innovative solutions into the market. Our range of programmes help fintech startups to innovate and grow – while bringing brilliant new ideas into the sector, for the benefit of our customers and clients. But we don’t focus on fintech alone – our initiatives for startups also support ground-breaking businesses across sectors including gamestech, lawtech and agritech.

Fintech Pledge logo

Fintech Pledge

Find out how Barclays is helping UK financial services technology firms bring innovative solutions into the industry

Barclays Innovation ecosystem

Innovating from the inside

Empowering colleagues to come up with new ideas that can improve the way we do things each day is a key priority for Barclays

Andy Elphick

Head of Innovation Mindset and Intrapreneurship

Innovation isn’t just about creating new technology – it also means reimagining the status quo. At Barclays, it’s essential that colleagues bring a curious, collaborative mindset to work, and can contribute new ideas: whether they’re implementing a game-changing tech project, working on the trading floor, or considering how to best support customers. 

Culture of innovation

Insights: growing a culture of innovation

Head of Innovation Mindset and Intrapreneurship, Andy Elphick, highlights why people are the key to innovating at Barclays

The innovators of Barclays

With innovation, it doesn't matter how clever we are with technology, if as humans we behave in the same way all the time

Ana Perales

Head of Customer Segments and Strategy at Barclays Business Banking

In our regular series, we talk to colleagues driving change at the heart of the bank about what innovation means to them, exciting developments in their fields, and their favourite ever inventions. The result? Fresh insights on financial services – and some rather unexpected answers…

Ana Perales, Head of Customer Segments and Strategy at Barclays Business Bank, on how wifi has changed our lives – and what brushing your teeth can teach you about innovation

Sonal Lakhani, Global Head of Programmes and Strategic Initiatives at Barclays Innovation Office, on backing female founders – and why whoever invented pasta was seriously innovative

“We are a large global organisation, but the unified mindset is innovation”– Mariquit Corcoran highlights some of Barclays’ most exciting projects and talks emerging fintech trends

Megan Caywood, Barclays’ Head of Digital Strategy, tells us what starting her first business aged-10 taught her about innovation, business strategy and leadership

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