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Female Innovators Lab

Barclays and Anthemis are committed to bringing more women into entrepreneurship and closing the fundraising gender gap.

The Female Innovators Lab is a US, UK and Europe based studio, dedicated to cultivating entrepreneurial talent in women from all sides of the financial services ecosystem. The Lab’s mission is to identify female founders at the idea stage of their journey and match them with the resources and mentorship required to develop a company and bring it to its first round of fundraising.

Anthemis’ track record as early-stage FinTech investors and venture builders, coupled with the power and global footprint of Barclays, makes this an exceptional opportunity for prospective founders to progress their business ideas.

Participating startups will have access to Barclays’ world-class FinTech hub Rise, and Anthemis’ dedicated office spaces, with unparalleled mentorship and networking opportunities. 


Meet some of our participants

Femnale Innovators Lab participant Kaeya

“It has been the most valuable partnership I've ever had”

As the Female Innovators Lab by Barclays and Anthemis celebrates its first birthday, we speak to two innovative founders about their experiences of starting their fintech startups.

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First Boulevard founders

Helping Black America achieve financial parity

With US $5m in seed funding from investors including the Female Innovators Lab by Barclays and Anthemis, neobank First Boulevard aims to provide innovative banking services for Black communities in the US.

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Learn about the further support Barclays offers women in Fintech, from networking to mentorship.

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Meet the team

Barclays Innovation team

Mariquit Corcoran

Mariquit Corcoran, Group Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Sponsor of the Female Innovators Lab. View Mariquit’s LinkedIn profile.

Sonal Lakhani

Sonal Lakhani, Global Head of Innovation Programmes. View Sonal’s LinkedIn profile.

Daisy Hopkins

Daisy Hopkins, Innovation Programmes. View Daisy’s LinkedIn profile.

Barclays Principal Investments team

Kathryn McLeland

Kathryn McLeland, Group Treasurer and Executive Investment Sponsor of the Female Innovators Lab. View Kathryn’s LinkedIn profile.

Kester Keating

Kester Keating, Head of US Principal Investments. View Kester’s LinkedIn profile.

Aran Rudrakumar

Aran Rudrakumar, US Principal Investments. View Aran’s LinkedIn profile.

Anthemis team

Amy Nauiokas

Amy Nauiokas, Founder & CEO of Anthemis Group and the Executive Sponsor of the Female Innovators Lab. View Amy’s LinkedIn profile.

Katie Palenscar

Katie Palencsar, Investor & Global Head of Venture Studio. View Katie’s LinkedIn profile.

Elizabeth Davis

Elizabeth Davis, Investment Associate. View Elizabeth’s LinkedIn profile.

Swarnali Mitra

Swarnali Mitra, Investment Associate. View Swarnali's LinkedIn profile