Daniel Nicholson, assistant manager of the City of Cardiff branch

Barclays and the Welsh language

09 February 2018

Find out more about Barclays's specialised Welsh language services

Did you know that Barclays has a specialist Welsh language call centre based in Haverfordwest, West Wales which was launched in 2004.

Did you know you can contact the centre directly by calling 0333 202 7450 where a member of the team will welcome you and take you through security. Customers can access the service between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Did you know that the Welsh language call centre takes calls from all over the world with regular expatriate calls from Austria to Canada, from customers who wish to bank in their mother tongue.

Did you know that the Welsh language call centre only converses with customers in Welsh. Services include being able to check your latest transactions, pay your bills, transfer money between your Barclays accounts and order chequebooks.

Did you know that this small specialist team has over 152 years of experience working for Barclays.

Did you know the Welsh call centre team have won 3 external Welsh Contact Centre Forum Awards and 3 Barclays Chairman Awards.

Did you know that every Barclays ATM and branch Self Service Device in Wales offers a Welsh language option.

More information about Barclays' Welsh Language Policy can be found here.

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