Backing female led businesses

Backing female-led businesses through COVID-19 and beyond

When the UK succeeds, Barclays succeeds. With the trust of 24 million customers and nearly one million businesses, inclusive UK economic growth is essential for our success. At Barclays we’re committed to doing everything we can to help the UK build back better, levelling the playing field for female-led businesses so that more female founders start up and run businesses across the UK.

My hope is that we continue to see more female-led businesses thrive in the UK and that it will become one of the best places to be a female entrepreneur

Hannah Bernard

Head of Business Banking

Hannah Bernard Barclays

Our Investing in Women Code Commitments

Barclays is a founding signatory of the HM Treasury Investing in Women Code, a commitment from the financial services industry which was launched in 2019 to improve female entrepreneurs’ access to tools, resources and finance. Barclays has announced a series of three-year commitments to provide ongoing and meaningful support for female entrepreneurs.

1. Helping 100,000 women across the UK to start up and run businesses

2. Connecting female-led businesses with the finance and support they need to succeed

3. Providing skills for this generation and the next to help them into entrepreneurship

Resilience & Recovery: the impact of COVID-19 on female-led businesses

Female Founders Forum Resilience and Recovery report front cover

A new report by The Female Founders Forum - a project created by The Entrepreneurs Network and Barclays - highlights how female-led, equity-backed businesses have fared throughout the pandemic.

Whilst Resilience & Recovery reveals that female-led equity-backed businesses have been disproportionately impacted throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the report also reveals that there are reasons for optimism.  Resilience & Recovery shines a light on the inspirational stories of resilience throughout the pandemic and puts forward a number of policy reforms that would ensure female-led businesses are more resilient for future crises.

Backing Charisse and CMe Media to succeed through COVID-19

Charisse Smith, CEO and Founder of CMe Media. As COVID-19 restrictions were announced, CMe Media’s revenues were directly impacted as advertising space on public transport and high streets became less valuable as more people stayed home. With the support of a £100k CBILS loan from Barclays, Charisse has not only kept the business afloat but is also putting in place rapid growth and expansion plans for CMe Media.

“My Relationship with my Bank Manager Ian was key. He talked me through the various options available to CMe Media as a high growth business. This £100k CBILS loan has been a significant for our business, allowing us to look to the future with confidence and see us through a particularly challenging period.”