Investment Banking – BBI PLC on-boarding Information

Investment Banking – BBI PLC on-boarding information

The following collection of documents should be used to support your KYC and other on-boarding requirements for Barclays Bank Ireland (BBI). Where you require additional information or documentation please contact brexitsupport@barclays.com

Documents contained within this section (Investment Banking - BBI PLC on-boarding information) will contain the most current publicly available information for BBI as at the time of publication. Please note that BBI information provided on this website is subject to change and may be updated to reflect such changes. Any documents uploaded to this website will have an upload date and please contact us if you have any questions on the latest information. An overview of the current available financial statements and credit ratings for BBI can be found under "About Barclays Bank Ireland (BBI)" here.

  • KYC Documentation KYC Documentation

    Consolidated Onboarding Pack (containing all files listed in the table below)

    Document name
    Upload date
    Companies Registration Office (CRO)
    Full Legal Entity Name: Barclays Bank Ireland Public Limited Company. Company Number: 396330Address: One Molesworth Street, Dublin 2, D02 RF29, Ireland
    List of Corporate Information
    Confirmation of key information required to KYC BBI e.g. LEI, Companies Number, List of Directors, Registered Address, Telephone Number, etc.LEI: 2G5BKIC2CB69PRJH1W31
    Bank Constitution
    Memorandum of association of BBI PLC dated 22nd March 2018, including BBI PLC’s ‘Articles of Association’.
    Irish Tax ID
    Certificate of Tax Clearance issued to BBI PLC on 14th March 2018 to confirm all tax affairs for the entity are in order. PPSN/Tax Reference: 6416330R. Access Number: 297887
    CRS Self-Certification
    BBI PLC’s self certification form including information on tax residency and citizenship status. TIN: 6416330R. GIIN: E1QAZN.00200.ME.372

    US W-8 BEN-E Tax Form - Certificate of Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting (entities)
    Germany W-8 BEN-E Tax Form - Certificate of Status of Beneficial Owner for Germany Tax Withholding and Reporting (entities)
    Spain W-8 BEN-E Tax Form - Certificate of Status of Beneficial Owner for Spain Tax Withholding and Reporting (entities)
    Sweden W-8 BEN-E Tax Form - Certificate of Status of Beneficial Owner for Sweden Tax Withholding and Reporting (entities)

    US W-8 IMY Tax form (pending set-up). Currently Unavailable. Certificate confirming BBI as a US Qualified Intermediary, including QI EIN n/a
    USA Patriot Act Foreign Bank Certification
    Barclays Group has prepared a Global Certificate for use by any financial institution that believes it requires a USA PATRIOT ACT Certificate from a Barclays entity, for example BBI PLC.
    Certificate of Incorporation
    Certification that Barclays Ireland PLC is incorporated on 12th January 2005 under the Companies Acts 1963 to 2006 and that the company is limited.
    Certificate of Incorporation Amendment – Change of Entity Name
    Certification that Barclays Ireland PLC changed name to Barclays Bank Ireland PLC on 24th February 2005, and is now incorporated as a limited company under this new name. 
    Proof of Registration, (with Regulator)
    Confirmation that BBI PLC has a licence for banking business, granted by the Irish Financial Services Regulatory in pursuance of its powers under Section 9 of the Central Bank Act, 1971, dated 25th February 2005. 
    Registration Number & Agreement Details
    Confirmation that BBI PLC is a credit institution authorised under Irish Legislation to carry on banking business in the State, regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Banking Licence Number: C36964
    Ownership Structure
    Confirmation that BBI PLC is a 100% owned subsidiary of BBPLC, with BBPLC a 100% owned subsidiary of Barclays PLC, dated 18th April 2018.
    Website details
    Barclays Bank Ireland PLC website: https://www.barclays.ie/
    Compliance Officer Contact details
    BBI PLC Compliance Officer Name and Address
    Wolfsberg Questionnaire (Available on request, please contact brexitsupport@barclays.com)
    Wolfsberg Group Questionnaire for BBI PLC covering anti-money laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and counter-terrorist financing (CTF/CFT).


  • Standard Settlement Instructions (SSIs) Standard Settlement Instructions (SSIs)

    The following documents contain the SSIs for Barclays Bank Ireland PLC (BBI), as of March 2019. These cover all markets for Fixed Income, Equities and Cash (MM, FX and Derivatives) where agent accounts have been set-up. The SSIs for BBI are also available through the usual industry standard channels, e.g. Swift Broadcast, Alert etc. Please Note: The SSIs included in these packs relate to BBI and are relevant only when you need to settle with this entity.

    Barclays Bank Ireland - Fixed Income SSIs (March 2019) (PDF 363KB)
    Barclays Bank Ireland - Equities SSIs (March 2019) (PDF 340KB)
    Barclays Bank Ireland - Cash SSIs (March 2019) (PDF 111KB)

    Existing SSIs with Barclays Bank PLC (BBPLC), Barclays Capital Services Limited (BCSL) or Barclays Capital Inc (BCI) remain unchanged. For further information, please contact brexitsupport@barclays.com.

  • Venues and Exchanges Venues and Exchanges

    The following is a list of exchanges and venues where Barclays Bank Ireland PLC (BBI) holds full membership:

    BBI Venues and Exchanges (April 2019) (PDF 320KB)

    If you are due to migrate to BBI and you hold one or more of the related asset classes for these vendors, please ensure you:

    • Communicate with the related vendor(s) to confirm whether any additional ‘client to vendor’ set-up is required prior to trading (e.g. permissions, confirmations)
    • Review the current list of available third-party vendor system ID codes for BBI (e.g. Alert, SWIFT), which can be found in the “Confirmation and Other Third Party Vendor Identifiers” section of this webpage
    • Please note this only contains IDs, which are due to change for BBI. If you require confirmation for a specific vendor / venue not listed on the website, please request this via brexitsupport@barclays.com

    Any existing vendor IDs with Barclays Bank PLC (BBPLC), Barclays Capital Services (BCSL) or Barclays Capital Inc (BCI) remain unchanged.

  • Vendor IDs Vendor IDs

    The following is a list of vendor IDs where a new ID will be required to connect to Barclays Bank Ireland PLC (BBI) for that given vendor: 

    BBI Vendor IDs (April 2019) (PDF 247KB)

    If you require confirmation of any vendor IDs not contained in this list, please contact brexitsupport@barclays.com.

    Any existing vendor IDs with Barclays Bank PLC (BBPLC), Barclays Capital Services (BCSL) or Barclays Capital Inc (BCI) remain unchanged.

  • Operations Contacts and Authorised Signatories Operations Contacts and Authorised Signatories

    Please note our existing Operations teams aim to provide the same service for BBI as they currently provide for BBPLC, BCSL and BCI. Consequently, contact details for the Operations teams (e.g. email, phone, fax) are not expected to change for clients due to migrate to BBI.

    All employees of Barclays Bank Ireland PLC (BBI) and Barclays Services Limited (BX) of Director grade (or equivalent) and above engaged in the ordinary course of business of BBI are by virtue of their grade appointed as Authorised Signatories of BBI. Each Authorised Signatory has the power to sign any document in the ordinary course of business within the limits of the Business Delegated Authority Procedures. A copy of the power of attorney appointing BBI or BX employees can be requested from brexitsupport@barclays.com.