How to get paid

The process for settling invoices with Barclays and ensuring on-time payment.

All companies that supply to Barclays must have a Barclays Vendor ID before delivering the goods and/ or services, and submitting invoices to Barclays for payment.

To ensure prompt payment, invoices should quote the Barclays Purchase Order number or Contact Code and be submitted through the agreed invoicing channel for the Barclays entity to which you are supplying.

For further details on the invoice process and invoice submission channel by Barclays entity, please refer to Supplier Reference Document (PDF  334KB).

General Terms and Conditions

For Barclays General Terms and Conditions by jurisdiction in which goods/services are received, please see below.

However, where an existing agreement is in place between a supplier and Barclays, the goods and/ or services detailed in the Purchase Order may be governed by, and subject to, that existing agreement. Please refer to the wording in the Purchase Order for more information.

Lithuania (PDF 102KB)
UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore,Japan (PDF 566KB)
US (PDF 364KB)

For all other jurisdictions, please refer to the terms and conditions provided on the Barclays Purchase Order (if supplied).

All vendor enquiries should be made via email to procurementopssupport@barclays.com, whereby Barclays will endeavour to respond to enquiries within two business days of receipt.

More information

To submit an application to join the Barclays Supplier Marketplace, please visit barclays.cvmsolutions.com