Welcome to our newest football sponsorships, and the return of our oldest.

Barclays is synonymous with football, especially the Premier League. Nearly a generation ago, back in 2001 under our Barclaycard brand, we started sponsoring the then FA Premiership.

The partnership developed and for many years it was the Barclays Premier League that was known around the world, as football stars from all over the globe come to England to play. Every season 380 matches beamed out to over 700 million homes in more than 200 countries, capturing the imagination of fans from New Delhi to New York.

Today we are at the tipping point of a great new opportunity – making football available for everyone. For generations football has often been the preserve for boys and men, whether professionally or at the grassroots level, with only the most determined women and girls finding opportunities in what we know as the ‘world’s game’.

In the last few years English football’s governing body, the Football Association, has been pushing to open the doors to women’s professional football, by establishing Europe’s first fully professional league, the FA Women’s Super League; and setting out its ambition to make football available to all girls who want to play, through the Girls’ Football Schools Partnerships.

In the mean-time Barclays has set out its own ambitions for gender equality, making the bank open to everyone to have a successful career limited only by their ambition and ability to do the job.

Barclays FA Women’s Super League and the FA Girls’ Football Schools Partnerships

This shared belief has brought the FA and Barclays together.

On March 20, 2019 Barclays announced it would be investing millions of pounds in the development of the women’s game in partnership with the FA, making it the largest ever investment in UK women’s sport by any brand.

From the start of the 2019/20 season Europe’s top professional women’s league will be known as the Barclays FA Women’s Super League. A league that is only one year into its full professional existence now has a commercial backer, that has decades of experience working in football with the most successful football league in the world.

Barclays also becomes the lead partner of the FA Girls’ Football Schools Partnerships (FAGFSP), a nationwide scheme to develop girls’ access to football. The initiative will see a network of hubs delivering bespoke FA programmes for their local network of schools, which will engage, excite and encourage girls to make football a part of their lives. Barclays will collaborate with The FA and Youth Sport Trust to create an initial programme of 100 Girls’ Football School Partnerships reaching girls through thousands of schools.

Premier League

Barclays continues its association with the Premier League, having also renewed its Official Banking Partner sponsorship for a further three years from 2019-20 to the end of the 2021-22 season, taking our overall partnership with the Premier League beyond 20 years.

The Premier League’s continued success is built on the quality and competiveness of the league, that has drawn in supporters, and players from all over the globe.

In the UK over 38,000 fans attend each Premier League game, with stadiums 96 per cent full, but it’s around the globe where the league is having a major impact in countries that are very important for Barclays. Over 155 million people in India follow the PL, a country which is second only to the UK in employing Barclays staff. In our second largest market outside the UK, the USA is falling in love with the game, with every match available through broadcaster NBC, the Premier League is able to support our brand and our growing consumer and investment banking businesses across the country.

Football for everyone

It is by supporting the top two professional leagues in England, as well as supporting the grass roots development of the girls’ game, that Barclays believes that it can help grow football creating opportunities for everyone to enjoy the beautiful game.