Citizenship and Sustainability

Barclays has a strong and longstanding commitment to managing the environmental and social impacts of our business, recognising that our success is closely linked to that of the communities in which we live and work.

It is by focusing on our core products and services, and our relationships that we can make the greatest positive impact. We will continue to identify new opportunities to integrate these considerations into the work we do every day to help customers and clients, colleagues and society to rise.

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Read our 2018 Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Report 

Barclays will publish a comprehensive Environmental, Social and Governance Report and associated disclosures, including climate-related disclosures, later this year.

Principles for Responsible Banking


Barclays has joined with the United Nations to launch the Principles for Responsible Banking to drive sustainable change across the financial services industry.

We have been a member of by UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) for more than 20 years and are proud to be one of 30 Founding Banks to develop and support the Principles, which have now been signed up to by 130 banks around the world.

Find out more from Elsa Palanza, Global Head of Sustainability & Citizenship, about how we are building a more sustainable banking system.

Focus areas


Capital and Products

We will continue to develop opportunities to achieve positive outcomes through the financing solutions and the products and services we provide across the diverse consumer and wholesale client segments we serve.


Skills and Employability

We will scale our partnerships with leading community organisations to address critical skills development and employability opportunities.


Economic Growth

Barclays has been part of the fabric of the UK for over 328 years. In addition to our role in the UK as a leading employer and provider of financial services across all segments of the economy, we will also pursue targeted local economic growth initiatives working in partnership with a range of stakeholders. 


Sustainable Innovation

We recognise the role of innovation in solving some of society’s most pressing challenges and the part Barclays can play in supporting new ideas to flourish, and entrepreneurs and ventures to grow and thrive.


Environmental Stewardship

Banks have an important role to play in ensuring the world’s energy needs are met while helping to limit the threat that climate change poses to people and to the natural environment. 


Our people and stories

Colleagues are a crucial part of testing and scaling new business opportunities that tackle social and environmental challenges and in the work they do every day to strengthen our local and global communities.

ESG overview


Barclays recognises that the focus on the societal impact of businesses and performance on wider Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors has increased in recent years, with growing interest from a range of stakeholders including investors, clients, policy makers and regulators.

Statements and policy positions

Across Barclays, policies and statements of intent are in place to ensure consistent governance on a range of issues.