Access to employment

Millions up-skilled and jobs created through our support for entrepreneurs


Our commitment:

Upskill millions of people and drive job creation through our support for entrepreneurs

Unemployment is one of the world’s biggest challenges, with global jobless rates set to exceed 200 million (source: ILO – World Outlook Social Outlook 2015) people for the first time. In the 21st century, new jobs are increasingly being created by fast-growing small businesses and entrepreneurs, but they need support to scale.

We know that addressing unemployment improves individuals’ social and economic prospects and creates broader opportunities for growth and increased resilience for families, communities and broader society. This, in turn, helps build long-term demand for banking services.

Barclays is committed to helping people gain access to the vital skills they need to get into work and provide access to job opportunities with high-growth companies by supporting entrepreneurs to scale these businesses.

In numbers

600 million jobs are needed in the next 15 years to absorb a growing global workforce

Source: The World Bank

35% of employers globally report difficulty filling jobs due to lack of available talent

Source: Manpower Group