Images of recent Barclays graduates.


Welcoming 1,000 new graduates and apprentices to Barclays

09 September 2021

In August, Barclays welcomed more than 1,000 new graduates and apprentices to its teams, working on everything from data and analytics to markets and research.

The latest generation of graduates will be the first to take part in the bank’s new Expert and Explorer experiences. Created as part of a redesign of the Barclays graduate programme, the two immersive routes offer new colleagues the chance to either develop specialist technical expertise for a particular role, or to gain experience through eight-month rotations in a certain business area.

For the second year in a row, the graduate and apprentice intake will be starting their programmes virtually – with access to talent coaches, networking and roundtables with leaders all offered online to make sure they’re supported and feel connected to their colleagues.

“Barclays’ success is dependent on great people, and our graduates and apprentices bring a huge amount of talent, fresh ideas and great energy to the organisation,” explained Tristram Roberts, Group HR Director.

“Through our programmes, we attract and recruit the best talent, providing a pipeline for future leadership, and helping us bring the best of Barclays to our customers and clients.”

Meet colleagues building their careers at Barclays