Our approach to sustainability

Our approach

Barclays is an organisation driven by its purpose. We deploy finance responsibly to support people and businesses, acting with empathy and integrity, championing innovation and sustainability, for the common good and the long term.. We believe that we can be a real force for good, and that includes a responsibility to be open and transparent about our ambitions and our progress.

The profession of banking has a unique role to play in positively impacting society and helping to preserve the environment. It is our fundamental belief that we can and must do business in a way that does good.

Banks play a key role in connecting the providers and users of capital. Barclays recognises this role in serving society, and our success as a business has always been inextricably linked to the progress of the people, communities and businesses that we serve.

Recognising our role in serving society

As society’s expectations of businesses continue to evolve, we aim to stay ahead of those expectations. It is by focusing on our core products and services, and our relationships that we can make the greatest positive impact.

Through the work we do with our customers and clients we can have a meaningful impact on the progress of our communities and the preservation of our environment, as well as making a positive difference to the health and well-being of our employees. This, for us, is what it means to be an organisation driven by a clear sense of purpose. Barclays makes a real difference every day to millions of people and businesses around the world, and to the communities of which we are a part.

We know that our success over the long term is based not just on how well we run the organisation commercially, but also on how well we manage it to protect the environment, support positive social progress, and make responsible, well-governed decisions.

Supporting a sustainable and inclusive economy

With a key focus on the impact of our financing, we are continuing to grow our product offering and social and environmental financing activity across the bank.

As a global financial institution, the way we prioritise and mobilise financial resources and the manner in which we do business ensures we can help to shape a cleaner, fairer future, which leaves no one behind.

Managing environmental and social impacts

We believe that appropriate management of environmental and social impacts is not only the right thing to do, but ensures the longevity of our business and our ability to serve our clients.

The scale and scope of the support we provide to our customers and clients means that we can have a significant impact on the world around us.

Running a responsible business

We are committed to responsible delivery of our products and services, governed by our code of conduct, fair treatment of our customers and strict adherence to all relevant legislation and regulation.

Investing in our communities

We believe that a strong, inclusive economy is a better economy for everyone.

A vibrant, skilled workforce ensures that businesses can thrive and that individuals, along with their families and wider communities, can achieve financial independence and security. Working with employers, those already in work, and those looking for work we’re helping to build skills and break down barriers to work, to enable people to succeed now and in the future.

our people and culture

Our people and culture

We believe that the culture of Barclays is built and shaped by the thousands of professionals around the world who serve our customers and clients with a shared Purpose and Values.

Our people make a critical difference to our success, and our investment in them protects and strengthens our culture.

ESG resource hub

Our 2020 ESG Report

Barclays recognises that the focus on the societal impact of businesses and performance on wider Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors has increased in recent years, with growing interest from a range of stakeholders including investors, clients, policy makers and regulators.