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Our Priorities

To help us on our journey to achieving our DEI vision, we’re taking action in five strategic priority areas across six core agendas. These strategic priority areas - Workforce Diversity, Inclusive and Equitable Culture, Leadership Accountability, Data Transparency and Accountability, and Optimisation of External Relationships - are underpinned by our guiding principles of accountability, transparency, and engagement. 

Workforce Diversity

Attracting, developing, and retaining a diverse workforce reflective of the diversity of the communities in which we operate.

Key to progressing the diversity of our workforce is attracting, developing and retaining talent which represents the communities we serve. Our approach to creating a truly diverse workforce focuses on two areas: developing diverse talent pipelines and providing all colleagues with the tools and support they need to succeed and progress their careers at Barclays. 

Developing diverse talent pipelines

We are focused on attracting, developing and retaining talent which represents the communities we serve. This involves tapping into a range of diverse talent pools through recruitment initiatives across our agendas and regions to find the best talent in the market.

Supporting and developing colleagues at every stage of their career

We offer multiple development programmes to support the growth of our colleagues, providing them with the opportunities and resources necessary to strengthen key skills to progress and reach their full potential.

Inclusive and Equitable Culture

Strengthen an inclusive and equitable culture through the colleague experience that retains our diverse talent and ensures equity of opportunity.

Enhancing our inclusive and equitable culture helps retain our diverse talent and ensures equity of opportunity. We want to make sure that our culture is one where colleagues feel comfortable at work and supported at every step of their career.   

Leadership Accountability

Ensure leaders are accountable for DEI progress

Our leadership play an important role in accelerating our DEI journey and meeting the rising expectations of colleagues, customers, clients and communities. To help enact change from the top, Accountable Executives (AEs) from the Group Executive Committee have been appointed as visible advocates for the DEI agendas, shaping and delivering against priorities.  

Data Transparency & Accountability

Deliver DEI strategy through transparent and data-driven insights.

 Data plays an essential role in delivering our DEI strategy, allowing senior leaders to make informed decisions and track our progress. We are developing our internal capabilities to better collect, analyse, and leverage data to reflect our commitment to transparency. 


Self-identification data allows us to comply with relevant regional reporting requirements, both existing and forthcoming, as well as help us develop and update programmes, practices, and policies to best support colleagues at every level.  

In 2022, Barclays became the first financial services organization in the UK to invite colleagues who are veterans, reservists, or a military spouse/partner to share this as part of their diversity data. We also held ‘Count Me In’ campaigns allowing colleagues in the UK and India to share their disability data.

Pay Gaps Disclosures

2023 marked the seventh year for which we have reported our gender pay gaps, and the sixth year we have reported our ethnicity pay gaps, in the UK. Details can be found in the UK Pay Gaps 2023 (PDF 2MB) disclosure.

In December 2023, we published gender pay gaps for Barclays Ireland for the second time. Details can be found in the Ireland Pay Gaps 2023 (PDF 1.8MB) and Ireland Pay Gaps 2022 (PDF 3.7MB) disclosures. 

Since 2018, we have also been publishing the French Gender Equality Index (GEI). Details can be found in the France GEI 2023 (PDF 150KB) disclosure.

Optimisation of External Relationships

Optimise our external relationships to challenge our thinking and enable further change and growth.

We partner and actively develop relationships with external partners across all six agendas and in each region. Our partners challenge our thinking and enable further growth and change, helping us to leverage best practices and access diverse pools of talent whilst also engaging leaders as we work to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture. 

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