Annual report 2019

Barclays Annual Report 2019

Delivering for our stakeholders

Annual report 2019

Our purpose

We want to use finance and our broader financing, savings and advisory capabilities to make a real contribution to society

Nigel Higgins


We support sustainable and inclusive growth by connecting the ideas, innovations and aspirations of our customers and clients to the capital that can bring them to life.

Barclays is a British Universal Bank creating opportunities to rise for:



  • Customers and clients

    ...For our customers and clients

    We will help them to realise their financial aspirations in line with our values.

    Customers and Clients
  • Colleagues

    ...For our colleagues

    We will empower them to be themselves, motivate and engage them to do their best work, develop them and build their career and support their health and well-being.

  • Society

    ...For society

    Our success over the long term is tied inextricably to the progress of our communities and the preservation of our environment.

  • Investors

    ..For our investors

    We will build a strong, diversified and sustainable business that can deliver consistent returns in a way society expects.


How are we doing

We are today a well‑capitalised, British universal Bank that is consistently profitable

James E Staley

Group Chief Executive

Our performance measurement framework enables a balanced assessment of progress towards the strategic goals of the organisation, viewed from the perspectives of each of our key stakeholder groups.



  • Customers and clients

    We aim to build trust by offering innovative products and services, with an excellent customer and client experience, such that customers and clients are happy to recommend us to others.

    Revenue Ranks and market share
    Barclays UK Promoter Score
    Revenue ranking and market shares
  • Colleagues

    We promote and maintain a diverse and inclusive workforce in which colleagues of all backgrounds are treated equally and supported to achieve their potential within a positive, values-based culture.

    Colleague engagement
    Females at Director and MD level
    Good place to work
    Role modelling
  • Society

    We manage the environmental and societal impacts of our business, making decisions that provide all our stakeholders with access to a prosperous and sustainable future.

    Carbon emissions
    Connect with Work
    Social and environmental funding
  • Investors

    Our ambition is to generate attractive and sustainable returns through the cycle. We measure our progress through our Group financial targets.

    CET 1 ratio
    Cost: income ratio
    Operating expenses