Our goal is to create an accessible and inclusive business where people of all abilities will want to bank and work.

We are committed to attracting talented people and we support those with a disability or health condition by providing the equipment and adjustments that enable them to excel. We also aim to provide accessible products and services for all our customers whatever their requirements may be. We have been awarded gold status by the Business Disability Forum for our work towards creating a truly inclusive and accessible environment for all of our customers, clients and colleagues.

Read more on Barclays' Building disability and mental health confidence whitepaper (PDF 1.9MB)

One of our ambitions is to become the most accessible and inclusive FTSE company for all our customers, clients and colleagues. We do this, not only because it makes good commercial sense, but because it's the right thing to do.

Ashok Vaswani

CEO Barclays UK, and Executive Sponsor of the Disability agenda

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    At Barclays, listening to and learning from our customers, clients and colleagues is fundamental to our business approach to accessibility. By working to develop new products and services that meet the needs of people with a range of abilities, we can improve life for everybody. Our focus on disability is core to our business and the business decisions we take.

    Leading technology through products and services

    Barclays is committed to inclusive design, creating new products and services that address the needs of the widest possible audiences, irrespective of age or ability. We were the first major high street bank to deliver audio functionality to over 80% of our ATM’s. We introduced a range of high-contrast colour schemes for our debit cards to help customers read the information more easily, have developed sign video for our deaf customers and bPay by Barclaycard to help people with sight loss and dexterity issues.

    Supporting other businesses to be accessible

    Barclays believes larger businesses can play an important role in supporting SME’s by connecting with clients, partners and their supply chain. We reinforce our commitment to equality of opportunity and inclusive workplaces through our Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF 462KB). We encourage our suppliers to partner with us to achieve excellence in equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, particularly with under-represented segments of society.

    In 2016, we launched our corporate accessibility portal, a free site providing information and support to businesses and companies about the benefits of making their organisation accessible. It includes resources and tools on how to do this as well as case studies from other organisations about their accessibility journey.

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    At Barclays, listening to and learning from our customers, clients and colleagues is fundamental to our business approach to accessibility. By working to develop new products and services that meet the needs of people with a range of abilities, we can improve life for everybody. Our focus on disability is core to our business and the business decisions we take.

    By simply giving somebody a chance, listening to their needs and making adjustments based on what will assist them in their role and career, you can receive loyalty, commitment and the ambition to help others

    Shaun Meekins

    Head of Apprenticeship Operations, Barclays UK

    Internships and Apprenticeships

    Barclays is committed to scaling up internships for people with disabilities and mental health conditions and has initiated its own programme to drive this forward: Able to Enable, open to people of all ages. We partner with Remploy to identify suitable people for our internships, and Capita to identify candidates with disabilities for our apprenticeship programme.

    At Barclays, our ambition is to achieve a minimum of 10% of people with disabilities taking part in our Early Careers programmes. Our Employable toolkit, launched in 2016, is a magazine aimed at supporting other businesses to create career opportunities for people with disabilities.

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    Workplace Adjustments

    Barclays is committed to providing the equipment and making the adjustments colleagues need to be able to excel in their working environment. We have developed a Workplace Adjustment Passport that enables colleagues to keep a record of their agreed workplace adjustments as they progress through their career in Barclays. We also believe in equipping line managers with disability confident training and support, encouraging people to feel able to disclose non-visible conditions, and promoting awareness of different disabilities, as some of the steps to creating an inclusive working environment for people of all abilities.

    Reach – Barclays Disability and Mental Health Network

    Our employee diversity network, Reach, is open to all colleagues who either have a disability or mental health condition, or support those who do, as well as those who have an interest in this agenda. Members of the network provide career development support and opportunities for education and networking, as well as sharing insights from our colleagues with disabilities to help us to identify new ways of making our products, services and facilities accessible to everyone. They also mentor new colleagues when they join the organisation

    The Mindful Business Charter

    Developed by the Barclays Legal Function in partnership with the law firms Pinsent Masons and Addleshaw Goddard, the Mindful Business Charter is the first time that an in-house legal team and their legal service providers have come together to reach a shared agenda for supporting colleague mental health and wellbeing.

    Read the charter in full (PDF 772KB)

  • Barclays is committed to sharing best practices and to continuing to learn from others as part of our drive to improve access and inclusion for all customers, clients and colleagues. As the first Founder Leader of the Business Disability Forum (BDF) we contribute to their overall strategy and working groups, and we work in partnership with other businesses as part of the Government’s Disability Confident Leaders Group.

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    Disability Confident

    Barclays is recognised as a Disability Confident Leader by the Department of Work and Pensions in the UK indicating that we welcome applications from people with disabilities.

    Barclays has also participated in Expert Advisory Group leading to ‘Improving Lives’, the Disability, Work and Health Green Paper and issued its submission (docx 51KB).

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    Business Disability Forum

    We have been actively engaged in the work of BDF for 25 years demonstrating our aspiration to become the most accessible and inclusive FTSE 100 company.

  • Our campaign, This is Me, was launched in 2014 and aims to raise awareness about mental health and wellbeing, and break the culture of silence about mental health that exists in many organisations. The campaign was initiated by our colleagues through the Reach disability network and is built around the concept of telling personal stories about managing their own mental health and wellbeing. This is Me has changed the culture at Barclays to be more disability confident and open to discussing mental health and wellbeing.

    In 2016, we partnered with the Lord Mayor’s Appeal to scale up the campaign to become This is Me in the City reaching over 100 organisations in the City of London.