Barclays Race at Work

Race at Work Action Plan

Our vision is to improve opportunities for, and representation of, our Black colleagues, and reinforce our stance of zero tolerance on racism. We will achieve this by delivering a 12-point Race at Work Action Plan.

At a glance

In detail

Our Race at Work Action Plan is focused on attracting, developing, advancing and retaining Black professionals at all levels by:

1. Sponsoring our top Black Directors, to support their career progression with the aim of increasing representation at the Managing Director level

2. Providing our Black colleagues with increased access to development and talent programmes, and opportunities for exposure on leadership committees, to enable them to advance their careers and help us build a pipeline of future Black leaders 

3. Offering mentoring opportunities to our Black colleagues at VP level and below, to support their career progression and help them build their networks 

4. Mandating thought-provoking training on Race, featuring real life experiences, to better educate all colleagues 

5. Increasing our support for allies to Black colleagues by providing a robust suite of training tools and resources, to help them drive change in the organisation 

6. Enhancing our relationships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the US, and their global equivalents, as well as diversity-focused partners, to build a pipeline of diverse interns, graduates and apprentices

7. Improving the diversity of our candidate slates for open roles, particularly for senior positions (in line with location diversity norms), and in areas where Black colleagues are under-represented, to increase representation of Black colleagues in the organisation

8. Establishing an Executive Search team that will proactively approach Black professionals about opportunities at Barclays, to enable us to build Director and Managing Director talent pipelines

9. Launching a specialised career coaching service for Black colleagues at VP level and below, to help them with career moves within Barclays

10. Introducing enhanced ethnic diversity data, to improve transparency on our progress and to help senior leaders make evidence-based decisions to drive our strategy

11. Using our data to help us set goals and measures for attracting, developing, advancing, and retaining Black professionals

12. Continuing to listen to feedback from Black colleagues, and analyse external research, to better understand sentiment and take action that will encourage change

A message from Jes Staley, Group CEO

This year’s events in America and elsewhere have rightly prompted organisations like Barclays to appraise what we have been doing to aid the fight against racism, and to ask ourselves: “is it enough?".

At Barclays, we are determined to play an active role in addressing systemic racism, and in improving fair representation at all levels within our organisation.

Over recent months, we have worked extensively with our Black colleague forums in both the UK and the US, and with senior executives, to produce this Race at Work Action Plan. The plan comprises a thorough set of sustainable actions that will open up new opportunities to attract, develop, and add to our great Black talent. Delivering on these actions will make a difference for our Black professionals and also make Barclays a better business.

We believe that change starts from within and so our plan begins with colleagues. We will be using data to set goals and measures for attracting, developing, advancing and retaining Black professionals, and we are implementing multiple initiatives to effect that change.

From 2021, we will expand our plan to include actions to enhance our long-standing support for citizenship programmes dedicated to tackling racial inequalities in communities, as well as support on this agenda for customers and clients.

Although there is still much to be done, our people are ready to contribute, and it is within our power to bring about change. I continue to stand by our commitment that Barclays is a place where everyone feels included, and where everyone is given the opportunity to realise their potential.