Barclays Race at Work

Race at Work

Through our focused support for colleagues, clients and communities, we seek to position Barclays as a trusted ally in racial equity.

Race at Work is a critical Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative for Barclays. Conceived by colleagues, and forging a bond that goes beyond the workplace, our racial equity agenda is a reminder of the power of the collective – and of our colleagues’ ability to drive real change.

Barclays launched the Race at Work agenda in October 2020 with a 12-point action plan focused on colleague support.

In 2021, we announced our ambitions to close the gaps in the UK and US where some ethnicities are underrepresented* at the bank compared to the overall workforce.

While we remain committed to these actions, our strategy has also expanded to drive positive change for our clients, and the communities where we live and work.

Barclays’ approach to Race at Work is grounded in four key areas: a metrics-driven approach, colleague hiring and development, strategic partnerships and equitable investments. This focuses efforts while providing the flexibility to adapt in a constantly changing landscape. They provide the foundation for increasing representation, ensuring equity throughout internal processes – and creating a more racially inclusive culture.

Race at Work agenda Impact Report

Our latest report shares the impact of our work so far – and acknowledges there is more to be done.

Race at work impact report front cover

How we define underrepresented ethnicities

*Barclays defines underrepresented ethnicities as Black and Multiracial (mixed) in the UK. In the US, we define underrepresented ethnicities as African American/Black, Hispanic/Latino and other (includes Multiracial, Native American, Native Alaskan, and Hawaiian/Pacific Islander).

Race at Work ambitions

Our Race at Work ambitions are measurable outcomes, allowing us to see the impact our actions are having over time.

Barclays Race at work ambitoins

There are actions already underway through the Race at Work Action plan(PDF) to help to achieve these ambitions. Through the plan we are aiming to attract and hire more Black and ethnically diverse talent; provide improved access to career and development opportunities for Black and ethnically diverse colleagues, empowering them to fulfil their potential; and create a culture of allyship across the organisation.

The ambitions will stretch us but they are achievable. And although gaps with the census data may not be fully closed, substantial progress can be made. We are saying ambitions rather than targets, because targets create a sense of a final destination and these ambitions are about having a clear direction of travel. We will refresh them over time.

Ray Dempsey

Chief Diversity Officer

Race at Work: One year on

In 2021 C.S. Venkatakrishnan, Barclays Chief Executive Officer, talked about the progress made against the Plan, one year after it was launched.

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