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Socio-economic inclusion

Pioneering the development and progression of lower socio-economic diversity in the workplace

In order to be a truly inclusive, equitable and diverse workplace, we must look at the disadvantage faced by individuals from certain socio-economic backgrounds and produce a plan to support in addressing this difference.

We are committed to playing a positive role in increasing social mobility through our recruitment, development and progression activities. We are a member of the City of London socio-economic taskforce, launched in May 2021 and commissioned by HM Treasury and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The taskforce is intended to improve socio-economic diversity at senior levels in UK financial and professional services. Similarly, we became members of Progress Together back in 2023. Progress Together are a government body aimed at bringing Financial Service firms together to tackle socio-economic diversity, equity and inclusion at senior levels.

Read more in Barclays Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report.

Socio-economic inclusion acknowledges the impact that our personal, social and economic circumstances and backgrounds can have on our lives. It focuses on addressing the disparities that can make it challenging to enter the workplace – and also progressing once you’re through the door.

Tristram Roberts

Group HR Director and Sponsor for the Socio-economic Agenda

Working at Barclays 

As part of understanding the makeup of our workforce, in our colleague engagement survey we asked colleagues to share with us their socio-economic background and included a question from the Social Mobility Commission/Foundation. We will increase our focus on social mobility to open up our talent pool, building out our approach to socio-economic inclusion, and further consider the impact of intersectionality.

Supporting the employability of communities

Barclays LifeSkills is our longstanding skills and employability programme that helps people to develop the core transferable skills, knowledge and confidence they need for the evolving workplace, and helps them to develop connections to get into work. Whether that’s a young person preparing for their first job, someone wanting to progress in their career, make changes to their working life or even start their own business. LifeSkills also works with charity partners to deliver workshops in schools and colleges in some of the most disadvantaged communities. This ensures that the programme is reaching those people most in need of support.

The Discovery Employability Programme helps people wishing to join, or return to, the workforce and offers insights to people who may not have considered a career in financial services. It’s delivered virtually over five days through a mix of virtual workshops, facilitated discussions, team building activities and self-paced learning. 

The programme is part of our ongoing commitment to fostering an inclusive environment at Barclays and we encourage applications from jobseekers from underrepresented groups including from various socio-economic backgrounds, underrepresented ethnic backgrounds and people with disabilities. 

Inspire, the social mobility resource group

Inspire aims to amplify the voice of colleagues who identify as coming from a lower socio-economic background, and encourage everyone to learn more about the impact and challenges that socio-economic status has on the career and workplace experiences of these colleagues. ​​​​​​​

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