Our approach to sustainable finance

With a key focus on the impact of our financing, we are continuing to grow our product offering and social and environmental financing activity across the bank.

As a global financial institution, the way we prioritise and mobilise financial resources and the manner in which we do business ensures we can help to shape a cleaner, fairer future, which leaves no one behind.

  • For businesses and institutions

    Corporate and Investment Bank

    Solving Sustainable We’re providing the latest insights to help solve sustainable, together to help businesses and markets seek new and innovative ways to achieve net zero. 
    Sustainable Green Solutions A wide range of flexible financing and deposits to support your company's green agenda. 
    Barclays Research Impact Series This series of in-depth reports from the Barclays’ Research team which explores the social impact of economic, demographic and disruptive changes affecting markets, sectors and society at large.


    Barclays Sustainable Impact Capital Programme Investing equity capital in sustainability-focused start-ups by 2025, helping to accelerate our clients’ transition towards a low-carbon economy.
    Barclays Green Bonds We want to help ensure that our customers and clients have access to financing that places green principles at its core.

    Business Banking

    Barclays Green Loans Barclays' Green Loans can help to future-proof your business with financing that places green principles at its core, helping you to invest in a sustainable, low-carbon future. 
  • For individuals

    Private Bank

    Impact Investing With Impact Investing, you can aim to protect and grow your wealth, while supporting the environmental and social causes you care about. 
    Discretionary Portfolio Management Our discretionary portfolio management service professionally invests on your behalf to manage long term portfolios to meet objectives and providing clear performance updates and reports.
    Investing for Global Impact Providing unique insights into the attitudes, motivations, experiences and actions of some of the world’s leading individual investors, family offices and foundations.

    Barclays UK

    Sustainable, ESG and Impact investing Barclays' approach to Sustainable, ESG and Impact investing. 
    Barclays Green Mortgages Details on our new Green Mortgages. We will reward buyers with a lower mortgage rate on certain deals when buying an energy efficient home. 
    Barclays Green Buy-To-Let Mortgages Details on our new Green Buy-to-Let Mortgages. We will reward buyers with a lower mortgage rate on certain deals when buying an energy efficient home. 
  • Firm-wide initiatives
    Social Innovation Facility (SIF) An internal mechanism which incubates colleague ideas for financial products and services that seek to specifically address environmental or social challenges.
    Barclays Rise Rise, created by Barclays, is the Home of FinTech. We bring together the worlds top innovators to create the future of financial services.
    Barclays Accelerator The Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars is a unique programme designed to take your business further. We're FinTech-focused and overflowing with opportunities
    Eagle Labs We incubate, inspire and educate ambitious UK founders and startups and help them to succeed and scale.
    Barclays Black Founder's Accelerator A programme especially designed to champion diversity in entrepreneurship and showcase Black Founder-led businesses.
    Female Innovators Lab Barclays and Anthemis are committed to bringing more women into entrepreneurship and closing the fundraising gender gap.
    Unreasonable Impact Unreasonable Impact is supporting growth-stage entrepreneurs whose ventures have the potential to employ thousands of people worldwide while solving some of the most world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.

Facilitation of £150bn for social, environmental and sustainability-linked financing (2018-2025)

Barclays social and environmental financing includes labelled issuances, dedicated ‘use of proceeds’ financing, and financing for clients with an eligible business mix in relevant environmental and social categories. In contrast, sustainability-linked financing refers to general-purpose funding linked to specific sustainability performance metrics.

Since 2018, we have facilitated £193.3bn of social, environmental and sustainability-linked financing, exceeding our target four years early. We continue to expand our sustainable finance offering through our specialist teams and to integrate sustainability into our service offering. There remains a significant opportunity for Barclays across social and environmental financing, both through lending from our balance sheet and origination through the capital markets.

Facilitation of £100bn green financing (2018-2030)

The additional investment required for the world to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement is estimated to be between $3-5 trillion annually until 2050. There is a significant opportunity for Barclays to play a leading role in helping to meet the demand for climate change related financing and supporting clients as they accelerate their transition towards a low-carbon economy.

Green financing supports the transition by facilitating financing including: labelled, 'use of proceeds' and business mix financing in environmental categories and sustainability-linked financing that incorporates environmental performance targets.

Since 2018 we’ve already facilitated £62.2bn of green financing, and we continue to see increased demand for products such as sustainability-linked loans and bonds.

Our Sustainable Finance Framework

Read more in our latest Annual Report

£175m investment in green innovation (2020-2025)

Our Sustainable Impact Capital Programme, led by the Barclays Principal Investments team in Treasury, has a mandate to invest £175m of equity capital in sustainability-focused start-ups by 2025, helping to accelerate our clients’ transition towards a low-carbon economy.

From the acceleration of innovative carbon-efficient technologies and supply chains to supporting the development of viable markets for carbon capture and sequestration, the Programme is seeking out and supporting clear, scalable propositions that deliver both environmental benefits and economic returns.

Through the Programme, we aim to fill growth stage funding gaps to help accelerate and scale catalytic and strategic solutions to environmental challenges.

How our sustainable financing supports the Sustainable Development Goals

Barclays recognises the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a set of shared global priorities adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The SDGs consist of 17 interconnected Goals, which are underpinned by 169 targets. These span positive human, societal and environmental factors, and are sought to be reached through multilateral collaboration. We believe it is important for business, governments, society and other stakeholders to work together to successfully achieve the 2030 Agenda. Barclays is pleased to play its part, work in partnership with our stakeholders to support the delivery of the SDGs.

Since 2019, we have tracked and reported our annual contribution to the SDGs, through our financing activities. An illustrative breakdown of our social and environmental financing is provided below. Our financing covers supranational and regional development agencies, as well as businesses making positive social and environmental contributions. It generates positive social and environmental impact through financing of healthcare systems, universities, social housing, green infrastructure projects, sustainable food and agriculture, sustainable water and renewable energy. Financing of these activities in turn supports progress towards achieving the SDGs.

For a full list of eligible social and environmental activities see the Barclays Sustainable Finance Framework (Framework), which sets out our methodology for tracking progress against our sustainable finance commitments. The Framework shows how eligible social and environmental activities contribute to individual SDGs, supported through an analysis of underlying SDG targets. As we evolve our understanding of how our financing contributes to the SDGs, we will refine our methodology accordingly.

Beyond our financing activities, our community programmes contribute to Goal 8 – decent work and economic growth. For more information, see the Barclays PLC Annual Report 2021.

Another way in which we contribute to the SDGs is through our work implementing the UN Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB). In 2020, we conducted a pilot assessment using the UNEP FI Portfolio Impact Analysis Tool for Banks to identify our most significant social and environmental impact areas, including how they link to the SDGs. Building on this analysis, we continued to analyse significant potential positive and negative impacts of our business in 2021. Barclays has set targets in line with some of our significant impact areas to drive alignment with the goals of the Paris Agreement and to contribute to the SDGs. For more information, see the Barclays PLC PRB disclosure 2021 (PDF 362KB)

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