UK branch closures

UK branch closures: Protocol May'15-May'17

Barclays Impact Assessments following Branch Closures

This page includes information for all announcements made after 1 May 2015, for branches that either closed or had their hours reduced by more than 30%, prior to 31 July 2017. Information regarding announcements made after 1 May 2017 can be found here.

Barclays, along with other members of the British Bankers’ Association (BBA), consumer and business groups, agreed a new “Access to Banking Protocol” which came into effect in May 2015. This set out best practice guidelines for banks considering closing branches or reducing opening hours by more than 30%.

The Protocol required that a bank must carry out a full assessment of the impact of the closure or significant opening hours reduction on the community, after consulting with affected customers and their representatives (such as local councils and residents’ groups). The bank was then required to publish publish this assessment – detailing the reasons for the closure and the outcome of the community consultation – before the closure or hours reduction took effect.

Barclays published all such impact assessments on this website. Barclays has also made them available locally, and ahead of the closure, to customers of the closing /reduced hours branch and to people who responded to the consultation.

Branches impacted