We recognise that diverse groups have diverse needs, values, priorities and perspectives.

Through our 325 years of existence we have seen the composition of our workforce evolve to represent the communities we operate in. Today, we have five generations of global colleagues working together to serve an equally diverse set of clients. This presents an exciting phase of growth for our organisation.

Barclays recognises that diverse groups have diverse needs, values, priorities and perspectives.We aim to be an employer of choice to talent across generations and life stages by providing tools and programs that enable our colleagues to balance their work lives with their personal commitments, while providing them with career development opportunities at each life stage.

Working at Barclays

We want employees to be able to make the most out of their professional and home lives. The following initiatives are designed to help our colleagues tailor their work environment and allow them to develop and progress.

  • Being a multigenerational organisation, Barclays recognises that colleagues play many different roles in their lives. Across generations the ability to be effective both at, and outside of, work is a key theme. This is where dynamic working comes in.

    Dynamic working offers colleagues an opportunity to design their own work patterns. Enabling people to decide when, where and how they work helps increase engagement and productivity.

    Barclays aims to foster a culture where dynamic working is recognised, appreciated and valued. This could mean reducing hours, job sharing, working from home or just having a different pattern of starting and finishing the working day. It can also support our people to commit their time to their passions and hobbies outside of work.

  • At Barclays colleagues in different life stages have an opportunity to contribute to and benefit from our extensive mentoring programmes, covering:

    • Traditional mentoring: Our global mentoring tool gives colleagues access to a wide pool of mentors with varied skills and expertise
    • Peer Mentoring: Colleagues have an opportunity to seek peer mentoring support for life stage such as becoming a parent
    • Reverse Mentoring: This programme facilitates a wider learning perspective for the mentor and mentee alike. Junior colleagues have the opportunity to provide insight and knowledge to someone more senior, allowing a relationship to exist that fosters inter-generational dialogue and helps Barclays achieve wider and ultimately positive inclusion practices. At the same time, colleagues early in their career gain valuable insight into how managers make their decisions on a day-to-day basis.
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    Whether an employee is a parent or has caring responsibilities, we aim to provide support to them in building a long term career at Barclays.

    Our Working Families network is focused on making Barclays the employer of choice for working families by providing a supportive network for Barclays colleagues who are parents, parents-to-be or carers, and to help with the challenges of balancing family life and work.

    Colleagues have access to online support via the Parenting Portal and the Digital Carers Resource portal and in person support via the various programmes we run, like the Pre- and Post-maternity sessions, Shared Parental Leave sessions, webinars focussed on caring and parenting issues and related topics.

  • AFTER Programme fundraising

    Every year, through the AFTER programme, Barclays supports thousands of Servicemen and women with their transition into civilian employment after serving in the Armed Forces, and aims to highlight the economic value these highly skilled individuals can bring to the corporate world.

    Established in 2010, Barclays AFTER helps to address the issues faced by ex, as well as current Service personnel – regardless of rank, Service or circumstance – in their transition, by providing work placements, direct employment opportunities, CV and interview coaching, and money management sessions, as well as millions in funding for education and vocational courses for Service Leavers through Service charity partnerships.

    In addition to employability support, through AFTER, Barclays offers a number of bespoke banking services which help to make banking easier for the wider Armed Forces and veterans’ community.

  • Working Forward

    We are a founding member of the Working Forward Initiative.

    A major national initiative launched in September 2016, calling on British businesses to make our workplaces the best they can be for pregnant women and new mothers and ensure that female talent is nurtured and valued for the long term. Established by the Equality and Human Rights Commission and driven by a coalition of like-minded organisations, making up a supportive business community where peers can share best practice and work together to ensure employees have a positive experience during this crucial time in their working lives.

    Employers can pledge your commitment to supporting pregnant women and new mothers here.

    Business in the Community (BitC)

    Barclays is a member of the Business in the Community Age at Work Leadership Team.

    In September 2016, the UK Government appointed as Business Champion for Older Workers. The role is an opportunity to support employers adapt to the needs of our ageing population through better retention, retraining and recruiting of older workers.