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Empowering all stages of our lives

We want to be the employer of choice for talent across generations. By providing tools and programmes to enable colleagues to balance their work lives and personal commitments, while giving them development opportunities at each life stage.

Multi-generational diversity provides benefits in terms of the unique backgrounds and perspectives that each generation brings. As colleagues reach different stages of their lives, we understand that their priorities will change. Whether they’re at the start of their career, a working parent, have transitioned from a branch of military service or are contemplating retirement, we aim to provide the tools, networks and bespoke programmes that empowers colleagues to effectively manage and achieve their career and life goals.

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Working at Barclays

Our approach to working flexibly is designed to help colleagues achieve an optimal balance between their work and personal lives. It is also specifically tailored to support colleagues at all stages of their lives, whether catering to parenthood, caring, further studies or hobbies.

We're proud to be named a 2021 Seramount 100 Best Company for our ongoing commitment to forward-thinking workplace programs in the areas of parental leave, family support, flexibility, and career development. 


Open to all kinds of people: 16 or 65, mothers or grandfathers, carers or ex-soldiers. A Barclays Apprenticeship aims to open up opportunities that make the most of experience – whether that’s returning to work after early retirement or raising a family, looking for a career change, or stepping into finance for the first time. Find out more about Barclays Apprenticeship Programmes.


At Barclays colleagues in different life stages have an opportunity to contribute to and benefit from our extensive mentoring programmes, covering:

  • Traditional mentoring: Our global mentoring tool gives colleagues access to a wide pool of mentors with varied skills and expertise
  • Peer Mentoring: Colleagues have an opportunity to seek peer mentoring support for life stage such as becoming a parent
  • Reverse Mentoring: This programme facilitates a wider learning perspective for the mentor and mentee alike. Junior colleagues have the opportunity to provide insight and knowledge to someone more senior, allowing a relationship to exist that fosters inter-generational dialogue and helps Barclays achieve wider and ultimately positive inclusion practices. At the same time, colleagues early in their career gain valuable insight into how managers make their decisions on a day-to-day basis.

Our employee resource groups

Emerge, the Early Careers Resource Group
Supporting and developing the career progression of our multigenerational workforce

Evolve, the Midlife Progression Resource Group
Supporting all colleagues’ evolving life stages and career progression.

Barclays Military Resource Group
Supporting and developing the career progression of our ex-military workforce.

Working Families Resource Group
Dedicated to supporting colleagues who are parents, guardians, or caregivers. They discuss relevant topics, identify opportunities to improve work/life balance and share solutions on managing family responsibilities. 

Bridge network

AFTER programme

Every year, through the AFTER programme, Barclays supports thousands of Servicemen and women with their transition into civilian employment after serving in the Armed Forces, and aims to highlight the economic value these highly skilled individuals can bring to the corporate world.

Established in 2010, Barclays AFTER helps to address the issues faced by ex, as well as current Service personnel – regardless of rank, Service or circumstance – in their transition, by providing work placements, direct employment opportunities, CV and interview coaching, and money management sessions, as well as millions in funding for education and vocational courses for Service Leavers through Service charity partnerships.

In addition to employability support, through AFTER, Barclays offers a number of bespoke banking services which help to make banking easier for the wider Armed Forces and veterans’ community.

Learn more about our AFTER programme 

AFTER programme

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